I have included this page to show the technical and creative capabilities of my mixing room. I built this room for the main purpose of creative freedom. Not having to worry about the clock gives me the opportunity to explore creative possibilities. To be able to work when I am inspired, in a setting that I am very comfortable with. I can mix in stereo or surround. I can mix to picture and do various forms of sweetening as I go.

Studio Equipment: My room is based upon a Pro Tools HD-3 Accel system built in to an Apple G-5 dual 2.75ghz computer. I have four 192 I/O's with expansion analogue I/O cards, Sync I/O, 24 fader D-Command console. Adam S3A and M&K 5.1 monitors.

EQ: API racks with 550b and 560b eq's, Shep Sn-8 modules, Trident 80b modules, Summit EQ200, Helios 69 modules, TC finalizer.

Dynamics: (2) Distressors, Manley Variable MU, Manley Vox Box, Manley Elop, (2) DBX 160A, (2) DBX 160VU, Crane Song STC-8, (2) Crane SongTrakkers, (2) Aphex 661 Expressors, Aphex Dominator, Neve 33609b, (2) Neve 2254A.

Effects: EMT 240 Gold Foil plate, AKG Spring Verb, Roland Echoplex, Chorus Echo, Space Echo, Lexicon PCM-60, Yamaha SPX-1000, lots of plug ins.